What Is Tsetar


Tsetar is a crucial practice based on compassion and a profound understanding of interdependence and the law of cause and effect. All great Dharma Teachers perform this ritual and encourage disciples to practice it.


The essence of the method is that living animals are bought using the collected funds and then released with good aspirations, prayers, and mantras. Animals that were supposed to be killed are getting lives, freedom, and a connection with Dharma, the teachings of Buddha, which will allow them to attain the final liberation in the future.


Tsetar rituals are performed at any time, especially when there are threats to health and lives; an unstable situation arises. There is a tradition to conduct a great Tsetar on the 15th day of the sacred Saga Dawa month. It is is the fourth month of the Tibetan Lunar calendar when on the 15th day, come up with the three most important dates of Buddhism: the day of birth, enlightenment, and mahaparinirvana (the passing away) of Buddha Shakyamuni. During this month, the results of both good and bad actions increase numerous times. That is why the practice of giving lives brings maximum results.


How To Participate


There are several ways to participate: donating funds for buying out animals, offering help, and also rejoicing. The practitioners receive merit in any way, but the maximum effect is with the combination of all three methods.


All participants receive great merits, create causes of long life, and complete enlightenment. The donations can be made not only form yourself but also on behalf of other people whom you want to help. Keep them in your mind and dedicate merits on their behalf.


We buy out and release live fish as the best practice is to buy out beings who are sold alive as food. Through your generous offerings, we are increasing the amount of fish we buy out every year. In 2017 we bought more than 500kg of fish, in 2018 already more than 2000kg, and in 2019 were released 11.000 live fishes. We use only trusted and verified direct contractors for purchasing and delivery. Fish is brought in a vehicle equipped with an oxygen system, with the most humanely way, so the fish stays alive.


How To Donate


We’ll announce a fundraiser in the coming days.


Location Of Event


The location has not been determined yet. If the quarantine continues, we will perform the ritual with a minimum number of participants. In any case, we will organize an online broadcast on our Facebook page.


Practice Text


The practice text will be available to download close to the date.